QST 1.1 - Day One Patch

It was brought to our attention that our whimsical use of repeating numbers in spell descriptions was problematic.  Specifically, we were informed that our use of the number "88" (in our minds two infinity symbols flipped perpendicularly) could be construed as a symbol of hate.

As soon as we discovered this meaning of the number, we went through the document and changed every "88" to "96" ( a number that makes a kind of an infinity symbol if you squish the 9 and 6 together).

Warriors of Eternity is a game that springs from a foundation of radical inclusivity.  We condemn racism, white supremacy, and hatred in all of its forms.  We apologize for unknowingly using the symbology of hate groups and will endeavor to better research this type of thing in future releases. 


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Sep 02, 2019

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Good on you, I had no idea either.


Wow thank you for this! I didn't know this myself.


I'm glad it was pointed out to us as early as it was!